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Springtime Auguries

November 14, 2009

The North Star points past the corner of the house.

The Big Dipper refreshes the trees below.

Our days like our nights everlasting,

We mine the silver scintillating on the river’s flow.


Hush.  A comfortable silence envelopes us.

A mother’s lament heard in this primeval wood,

The startling sight of leaves blow across our path,

We listen ever closer, because we know we should.


She entices us not just to reach to the heavens,

past where the constellation reign,

And scoop up the distant candles chanting,

But to listen to our hearts beating in refrain.


What loneliness and winter have wrought

Are themselves transformed from isolation into works of art.

We are beckoned to do what no one else can–

Enter the same river twice and cleanse our spirit in gentle currents.


Aurora’s color marches up the hillsides to the door.

Gentle breezes strike the keys of that riparian piano;

The gold of the morning sun echoes in ragtime ripples;

O’ Love!  We offer up these treasure of the shared road.

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