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Pax aeterna

March 12, 2012


Lighting the way from atop her lonely tower,

Her Heaven’s forever next to the sea.

Guiding the rest of us to safety, to the opening of the tranquil bay,

Now hanging her light from a distant star

She lights our hearts and souls.

Alenda lux orbi orta libertas[1]

Isle of grace and fear,

Peninsula reaching outwardly to infinity

Inland fields flushed with dandelion gold

Rocky coast asplash with rugosa roses

Illuminate a path toward eternity

Lux tua nos ducat[2]

Mouettes rieuses, goelands and sea gulls

Solitary sail-less ship leaving port

Oil house stocked with fuel

–A beacon atop solitude and pensive contemplations.

Along a mysterious seafaring route

Rough waters and calm

Crashing waves on ever-polishing rocks

She keeps the light perpetually lit.

Protect us all;

Dona Nobis Pacem.

[1] Light is to be nourished where liberty has arisen.

[2] Your light guides us.

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